Los Banos Adventist School

Seeking Knowledge


"I have learned how to use the computer to program my robot in robotics class."

-Andrew, Alyssa, and Spencer

Our school prides itself on our balanced curriculum and developmentally appropriate approach to education.

We believe in having a healthy school day that is organized to include academics, art, music, and physical education. Our teachers create challenging and interactive learning opportunities for students.

LBAS has participated in a study [Cognitive Genesis Project] assessing Adventist academics. This study compares Adventist schools in North America to other public and private schools.

These are some of the results:
  • Students in Adventist schools surpass national norms on standardized tests for all subjects at all grade levels regardless of the size of the school.
  • Students across all levels of ability, on average, have higher achievement scores than predicted by their ability.
  • The longer a student is in an Adventist school, the wider their achievement gap.
  • for more information on this study:    please visit www.cognitivegenesis.org

Our teachers challenge students to continually seek knowledge and reach for the skies in all avenues of life.